Beach Villa Barreto 94%Guest Rating

Beach Villa Barreto

This property has an excellent cleaning rating of 98%

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Even though there were a few minor issues we had a great time at Villa Barreto and felt we got value for money for the time of year we went.
Knowing the Villa now I would not book this Villa in the summer when the price is 5 times more than i paid as i feel is isnt worth it due to no air con, gas hob not efficient, poor quailty matresses in one of the bedrooms which meant my 2 gilrs had to share a room instead of having one each, which in the end the cold nights was better for them for not an issue on our holiday.
The Villa Opposite is the same price and has air con, pool table, table tennis table and is bigger so i would rather book that one than Villa Barreto in the summer. I hope my comments can be taken in a positve manner to ensure future bookings run smoothly. Thanks

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